Exhibit Fabrication FacilityDESIGN FORCE has established a unique interdisciplinary team approach to design. We combine the talents of graphic and industrial designers with craftsmen and engineers as we focus on meeting your exhibit requirements. This strong design approach has helped us develop successful exhibits, models, simulators, signage, awards, graphics, trade show displays and store fixturing for a diverse group of clients.

DESIGN FORCE , founded in 1987, has focused on designing museum and entertainment exhibits that meet the clients aesthetic, schedule and budget requirements. Our extensive experience with exhibitry has prepared us to handle projects from the smallest table top display to 10,000 sq. ft traveling shows.

Our facilities and personnel allow us to work across a broad spectrum of mediums including wood, metal, plastic, casting, and sculpting. These multidisciplinary skills give us greater breadth in our designs and fabrication. Design Force has a full machine and woodworking shop, 1000 sq. ft painting facility, welding, vinyl plotters and electronic imaging equipment. With this range of services we can follow a design from concept through implementation.


DESIGN FORCE’s total commitment to our clients have brought us to where we are today. Our growth and development helps us to better serve you.